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Acrobatic and Adorable Red Squirrel

I have spent the last week of January in the Cairngorms National Park photographing the very acrobatic Red Squirrel. They are fantastic little animals to photograph with great characters and a cute nature. I was able to spend a few days in Peter Cairns hide capturing the behaviour of the Squirrels jumping before heading to Neil McIntyre’s site to work on a few portrait images.

Red Squirrel in Landscape - Tom Way Photography

Photographing the Red Squirrels as they jump through the air is challenging but yet very addictive. This shot really does depend on how good the light is and fortunately I had spells of enough light to enable me to get some sharps images. Even with my camera taking 12 frames per second, there will only be one or two images where the squirrel is completely airborne, so you can appreciate how quick the leap is.

Red Squirrel Jumping 04 - Tom Way Photography

I really enjoy photographing the Red Squirrels and I am already planning on returning this year to work on some different image ideas. I can highly recommend both Neil and Peter’s sites as they have put a huge amount of work in over the years to attract the Squirrels to the areas. In the winter months, they develop their fantastic ear tufts so for me this would be my preferred time of year to photograph this little beasty.

Red Squirrel on Log - Tom Way Photography       Red Squirrel Jumping 03 - Tom Way Photography
Red Squirrel on Log - Tom Way Photography
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