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Spectacular Shetland

I have recently returned from co-leading the Natures Images Shetland Spectacular Trip with Mark Sisson. This was my first time heading this far North in the UK and I was looking forward to the seeing the wildlife immersed in such dramatic scenery – it did not disappoint. Our first stop was the island of Unst where […]

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Tom Way

Magic Of The Mara

As things progress, I find that more and more of my time is spent on the most evocative continent of them all; Africa. If you are looking to produce images with power and majesty, these countries can really provide the perfect canvas. In comparison to photographing in the UK, you are presented with more opportunity to […]

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Progression (End Of Year Review 2015)

I am delighted with the way 2015 has progressed for Tom Way Photography. I feel I have achieved a great deal in the last 12 months and my business has moved forward leaps and bounds. My year started by joining Mark Hamblin in the Cairngorms National Park photographing mountain hares. I love the simplicity of the fine art […]

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Our Longest Days

Autumn colour is now adorning the trees and our summer almost seems a distant memory. For me the spring and summer months bring many photographic opportunities in the UK. With daylight hours at there longest, it gives me a good chance to photograph at first light and also long into the evening. I had a […]

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Penetrating The Impenetrable

To be in the company of any great ape is a very special experience. Making eye contact with the largest of all is very special indeed. It seems as if you can almost look into their soul seeing a thought process like in no other animal. They look back at you with intensity, with curiosity, with […]

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The Mother Of All Dry Places

Sitting in the middle of the Kalahari Desert just before the sun breaks the horizon, I could hear a pin drop. Nothingness. Normally daybreak in Africa might bring with it the distant call from a Lion, or the iconic song from a bee-eater, but the only thing I could hear was the blood pulsing in […]

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White On White: The Mountain Hare

With the lack of snow so far this year in the South of England, I was keen to head North into the Cairngorms National Park to make the most of the wintry conditions. My target for this trip was to photograph the Mountain Hare who at this time of year have their fantastic white winter coats. […]

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A Time For Reflection

It is difficult to know where to start! 2014 has truly been an amazing year for my photography in terms of opportunity and the wildlife I have been fortunate enough to see. Even halfway through this year I said to myself ‘wow, if I have another year like this in my career I will be […]

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Tom Way Photography - Call Through The Mist

Calls Through The Mist

At the beginning of Autumn, a large majority of the nations wildlife photographers main focus will be to capture exciting images of the glorious stags rutting and roaring within our countryside. Although social media becomes flooded with Red Deer images and by the end of October we maybe sick of the sight of another misty morning […]

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Tom Way Photography - Red Fox

The Seasonal Review: Red Foxes

Every Spring I start with the intention of spending as many evenings in the hide photographing Red Foxes as I can. In reality by the time I have factored in the evenings where I am either giving talks, away on location or attending an exhibition, these days actually amount to fewer than I would like. […]

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