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Fox Photography Hide Rental

Tom Way Fox Photography Hide Rental

Location: Buckinghamshire

Group Size: 3

The Tom Way Photography Red Fox Hide gives you a fantastic opportunity to take your own images of these rural mammals. Foxes can be difficult to photograph as unlike their urban counterparts, they are shy and will not easily be approached. Since 2012 Tom has photographed this family of Foxes from a hide set in an open meadow. The hide had been sunk into the ground to give the photographer an eye level view of the foxes entering the field. The hide is open from May through until September where the daylight hours are at the longest and also the foxes are busy either feeding cubs or introducing the young to the meadow.


Equipment and clothing:

A lens anywhere from 300mm on a crop sensor camera to a 500mm on a full frame camera will work well and ensure full frame images of the foxes. Tom uses either a 400mm or 500mm from the hide. A tripod is the best support.

The walk to the hide is only three minutes but suitable footwear is required if the ground is wet. Dark or muted clothing is preferable although you will be well hidden in the hide. If the weather is hot through the Summer months, then it can be warm in the hide.

If you would like to hire a lens for this workshop I can recommend using Lenses For Hire who have a large range of zoom and prime lenses to choose from. Discount codes are available through Tom Way Photography. Please enquire for more information.

Red Fox Cub - Wild - Tom Way

2020 Dates For Hide Rental:

15th May 2020 –  Fully Booked

17th May 2020 – Fully Booked

18th May 2020 –  Fully Booked

22nd May 2020 – Fully Booked

23rd May 2020 – Fully Booked

25th May 2020 – Fully Booked

6th June 2020 – Fully Booked

7th June 2020 – Fully Booked

10th June 2020 – Fully Booked

12th June 2020 – Fully Booked

13th June 2020 – Fully Booked

28th June 2020 – Fully Booked

29th June 2020 – Fully Booked

1st July 2020 – Fully Booked

3rd July 2020 – Fully Booked

5th July 2020 – Fully Booked

6th July 2020 –  Fully Booked

9th July 2020 – Fully Booked

11th July 2020 – Fully Booked 

12th July 2020 – Fully Booked

16th July 2020 – Fully Booked

19th July 2020 – Fully Booked

20th July 2020 – Fully Booked

24th July 2020 – Fully Booked

26th July 2020 – Fully Booked

27th July 2020 – Fully Booked

29th July 2020 – Fully Booked

1st August 2020 – Fully Booked

2nd August 2020 – 1 Place Left

5th August 2020 – Fully Booked

6th August 2020 – Fully Booked

8th August 2020 – Fully Booked

9th August 2020 – Fully Booked

12th August 2020 – 1 Place Left

17th August 2020 – Places Available

19th August 2020 – Fully Booked

25th August 2020 – Places Available

1st September 2020 – 2 Places Left

5th September 2020 – Places Available

6th September 2020 – Places Available

Please email to make your booking.



One evenings photography in the Tom Way Photography Fox hide is £125.


Code of Conduct:

The key is to be as quiet as possible. The foxes are wild and not in the least bit tame. Any noise will cause them to run away resulting in you having poor pictures and the possibility of disturbing their natural behaviour.

Guest Gallery

Here is a selection of images taken by guests over the last few years: Guest Gallery