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Tom Way Photography – Spring Newsletter 2018

Welcome to the Tom Way Photography Newsletter with updates of Photographic Safaris and Tours, latest images and news about where you can purchase my work in the coming months. By subscribing to this newsletter you will be kept right up to speed with the latest news from Tom Way Photography. If you are yet to subscribe, you can do so on the Tom Way Photography homepage.

Tiger Assignment

After spending a few weeks at the beginning of the year out in Kenya, my latest assignment was in search of Tigers in India.

Taken in April, this image is the culmination of one months work on location. I knew that taking an image of a Tiger that I would be happy with would be very difficult as the jungle is a very cluttered environment unlike the plains of East Africa. I was looking for an image that was all about the animal itself, engaging and powerful without distraction.

Finding a Tiger at times can be hard enough, especially one in the right place. Days of driving, waiting, listening without anything productive until we found this beautiful female in the perfect spot.

This new piece titled ‘The Princess Warrior’ is now available here: New Print 

Competition Success 

Although I could not make the award ceremony in Italy I was pleased to see my image titled ‘The Hunt’ was awarded in the Asferico 2018 International Photography Awards. 

This sinister image was taken back in February 2017 whilst on location in Kenya.

Spring Workshop Review

After running a series of Beginners Workshops at the start of the year my attention then turned to my Spring Workshops which included both the Kingfisher Photography Workshop and the Bird Of Prey Workshop. 

We were blessed with great light at times for our Bird Of Prey session, photographing a range of birds from Little Owl to Long Eared Owl. I will be running this day again in 2019 and the date will go on the website in the next few weeks. Please let me know if you would like me to email you the date in advance.

The Spring Kingfisher Workshops saw great activity coming back and forward in front of the hide. This female was feeding her young and so it is looking positive that the fledglings will emerge during the Summer workshops.   

A full list of workshops for 2018 can be found here: UK Workshops

2019 Photographic Safari Dates

Although my 2018 safaris are now all fully booked, there is space to join me out in Africa in 2019. You are able to join me on the plains of the Serengeti photographing Africa’s Big Cats, in the true wilderness of the Zambian Bush photographing the ever illusive leopard or on the open Masai Mara Savannah witnessing the Great Migration

All dates and itineraries can be found via the following link: Photographic Safaris 


FotoFest 2018

I will be guest speaking at FotoFest 2018 held at the Patchings Art Centre, Nottingham on 15th July. I will be joined by a host of fantastic speakers including Charlie Waite, Mark Littlejohn and Leeming and Paterson.During mypresentation I will be discussing what is takes to be a wildlife photographer and which three key factors need to be included in my image to make it a success. You are able to purchase tickets for this event and find out more about the day via this link here: FotoFest2018

Remembering Great Apes

It is a privilege to be involved in the next edition of the Remembering Series. The Remembering Great Apes book will be published on 15th October 2018 with the launch event taking place on 18th October at the London’s Royal Geographical Society.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the book you can do so via the link here: Remembering Great Apes 

Money raised through this project goes towards saving Gorillas, Chimpanzees, Bonobos and Orangutans.

GDPR Data Protection

I am sure that you are now aware of the changes to the data protection act coming into force on 25th May. It is important for you to know that here at Tom Way Photography we take the responsibility of safeguarding your personal information seriously.

You are receiving emails from my mailing list as in the past you have either purchased a piece of work, joined me on a photographic safari or workshop or have booked my services as a speaker. You are always able to unsubscribe from this mailing list at the bottom of every email if you no longer wish to receive news from Tom Way Photography. Full details about our data policy and data collection are on the website. If you do have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.

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